Top 30 (or so) VP Choices for Donald Trump.

Oh yea, we keep coming with these lists. So many more names on the docket. This week we have an adored gay man (#32), an Italian party pedophile (#31), and possibly the nation’s first cougar as VP (#26).

32. Neil Patrick Harris

neil patrick harris

NPH has been gracing the boob tube since playing a preteen doctor, Doogie Howser. While this show aired, Trump was building his empire. Funny thing is that although NPH was only playing a character, we still think he would bring the smarts to the White House.

31. Silvio Berlosconi


C’mon now! Berlosconi is the ousted Italian Prime Minister that threw EPIC BUNGA BUNGA parties. Trump and Berlosconi could turn the White House into Pimp Palace.  It probably won’t help with our image, but do these guys care about any image other than their own?

30.  Kardashian Family

kardashian family

The Kardashians are every bit of American value as Trump. Vanity, self indulgence, sex tapes. We are so obsessed with this family that we can’t turn away. They’d bring every American into politics, whether they cared or not.

29.  Tosh.O


We agree, Tosh.O should just run for POTUS. The dude is intelligent, hilarious, and more crass than Trump. A VP slot is the closest we’ll get to putting him in the White House.

28. Anthony Weiner

anthony weiner

Weiner. huhuhu, he said Weiner, huhuhu.

27. Frank Underwood

frank underwood

Yes, Frank Underwood is not real, but if Spacey can stay in character for the entire term, we will have ourselves a bloodbath in the White House – we’d stream that all day long.

26. Chelsea Handler


Chelsea’s new show “Chelsea Does” is incredible and it needs to cover Trump sooner or later. Chelsea would be the first VP that will actually have nice assets to offer America.