Let’s continue on with our list of Donald Trump VP choices. If you didn’t get to experience #50-45, you can see them here.

44. Tan Mom


“Orange Skin – ACTIVATE!” We can see it now: the two most orangy people in the US come together to let the world know that global warming is bullshit. We don’t need the sun. It’s a loser. We only need tanning booths.  One for each family.  With Tan Mom and Donald in charge we will see a new race color emerge: the oranges.

43. Sanjaya


This is the most unpredictable choice for Trump-a-rump to choose. It will keep the people guessing what his next move will be. Like a phoenix, Sanjaya will rise from the ashes called American Idol and become the VP that America has never dreamed of. To vote for Sanjaya Call 1-800-Idol-Sorry1

42. Honey Boo Boo


The Don as Prez?  That’s making history! The Hon as his VP? Now that is making more history. She would be the youngest VP ever, let alone, the hungriest. She may be young, but she is feisty – and hungry.

41. Hulk Hogan


There is NO WAY that T-to the RUMP won’t consider the Hulkster as America’s VP! His damn entry song lyrics begin with “I am a real American…”. Trump will call the shots, and Hulk Hogan will crush skulls. This two headed monster will be a serious leg drop on the world!

40. Dos Equis Guy


Although the Dos Equis guy is retired from this role, The Don will only make him VP is he brings back the character. The real guy sounds like a dud, but the Dos Equis guy will unite the people of America – especially the beer drinkers.

39. Speedy Gonzales


We know what you are thinking: Speedy is a fantastic choice. This isn’t racist at all! He has a movie in the works, he is Mexican, and children and adults love him, and most importantly he isn’t a rapist or killer. By bringing in Speedy, The Donald just showed everyone that he isn’t racist.  There is at least one Mexican that he trusts.  Oh Donald!

If you didn’t get to experience #50-46, you can see them here. Next up, #38-33…