This week, sex died. Prince taught our society that no matter who you are and what you look like, don’t feel ashamed. Be confident in who you are and have no shame.

prince sexy

He made every listener feel sexy and feel the sex at the same time. Prince was a quiet, scrawny, feminine looking guy. At first glance you would think “this dude is gay”, but once you look beyond this one dimensional view of Prince and immersed yourself into his music and what he is preaching in song and on his guitar – you realize – he is the most confident, alluring, and manly man in the world.

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A Man’s Man

Prince showed men that masculinity is more than brawn.  He proved that although a man can do many things to turn a woman on, only three things are universally accepted: admiration for the woman, comfort in ones own identity, and an appetite to get a little freaky deaky once and a while.

He was able to make every human look within their own soul to see how much they loved themselves. Then he empowered you to show the world (and your woman!) that love in the most passionate, artistic, non-judgemental way possible.

Prince will be long missed, but his music will remain intact.  So that for any moment a couple feels their love is weakening the can turn down the lights, turn on Purple Rain, and

RIP Prince